National Student-Athlete Day: Lipscomb's Lauren Anderson & Garrison Mathews

National Student-Athlete Day: Lipscomb's Lauren Anderson & Garrison Mathews

 In celebration of the 26th annual NCAA National Student-Athlete Day, the ASUN Conference is highlighting senior student-athletes from all nine of its member institutions. These individuals have left an incredible impact on their campuses through their hard work in competition, training, the classroom and in all aspects of collegiate athletics.

The seniors selected by Lipscomb were Lauren Anderson (Volleyball) and Garrison Mathews (Men's Basketball) as they answered a few questions about their time & development in Nashville.

Lauren Anderson (Volleyball)
Q1: How do you feel you have most impacted your college campus during your time there?

- During my time at Lipscomb University, I have made a direct impact on our campus through my involvement with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). One of the core components of our SAAC is how we can continuously serve the Lipscomb community and the Greater Nashville Area. I have led several service projects for our student-athletes to serve in their four years at Lipscomb, including projects with The Nashville Food Project and the Special Olympics. Not only do we establish and build relationships with these organizations, but I also witness firsthand the compassion, kindness, and generosity that our student-athletes extend to the community surrounding Lipscomb University.

For the past two years, I have served as the President of The Lippys Committee, which is in charge of planning our year-end event to celebrate the athletic, academic, and service achievements of Lipscomb’s student-athletes for the academic year. It has been a pleasure to work with various members of our Athletic Department to plan our event and get to know other student-athletes who volunteer their time to organize and make it the best show yet. It is truly a great night to get all of our student-athletes, team managers, donors, coaches, and faculty & staff together to celebrate the accomplishments of the academic year.

Q2: What has been your favorite moment during your time on campus?
- My favorite moment during my time on campus is serving, whether it be at Carter Lawrence Elementary School in our backyard or halfway across the world in Malawi. I reminisce on these two experiences daily and have taken many lessons with me from both of these moments. We lead a Sports Fun After School Program at Carter Lawrence Elementary School, which occurs every Thursday after school. A group of Lipscomb student-athletes meets a group of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students in a classroom at Carter Lawrence to work on homework, tutor, or read books for 30 minutes. After homework time, we head to the gym for another 30 minutes with the kids to play games and have fun until their caretakers arrive. In the summer before my junior year of college, the Lipscomb Volleyball team went on a mission trip to Mtendere Children’s Orphanage in Malawi. These two weeks were some of the best weeks of my life as we served in the orphanage through teaching in the classrooms, leading sports clinics, cleaning the hospital rooms on-site, and spending time with the children and adults at Mtendere. I would return to Mtendere in a heartbeat if given the opportunity.

Q3: What other individuals have helped you along the way in college whether it be teammates, coaches, professors or others?
- Every individual I have met in my college career has molded me into the person I am today. The community we have at Lipscomb is truly special and I feel comfortable walking into the Athletic Department, Student Center, or my academic building and striking up a conversation with anyone. There are a few individuals who have impacted my life in more ways than one, and these individuals are Chris Klotz, April Ezell, Alex Kelly, and Stephanie Ross. Chris “Klotzy” Klotz is remarkable – ask anyone on campus and they know and love Klotzy. Klotzy serves on our Spiritual Formation team in our Athletic Department and is the best supporter of anything and everything Lipscomb. April Ezell is one of my professors who is a great role model for me and provided advice and direction for my post-college life. Alex Kelly is a Lipscomb Volleyball alum that has taken me under her wing in my last two years at Lipscomb. I have known Stephanie Ross for seven years, but really built a relationship with her as she was my Assistant Coach in my senior year of volleyball and is someone who I trust and look forward to growing our relationship after I graduate.

Q4: How have you grown during your time on campus?
- I am a completely different person now than I was when I stepped foot on this campus four years ago. This change has been for the better, but it is hard to put into words the amount of growth I experienced during my time on campus. I have matured into an outspoken, strong-willed, hardworking woman after the experiences I went through at Lipscomb University. Looking back on the girl who stepped foot on campus in July of 2015, I smile and am proud of her for how she faced adversity and pushed on to become the woman I am today. None of this would have been possible without my teammates, coaches, friends, professors, family, and acquaintances. I am thankful for everything that I have earned during my four years at Lipscomb University.

Garrison Mathews (Men's Basketball)
Q1: How do you feel you have most impacted your college campus during your time there?
- Something I’ll never forget someone said to me in the Student Center this year was how we completely changed the culture of this team and this program. We care about the faculty and community here and that’s probably one of the biggest impacts we’ve had and we’ve all tried to do.

Q2: What other individuals have helped you along the way in college whether it be teammates, coaches, professors or others?
- Coach introduced me to Scotti Madison. He’s a big-time supporter of the program. He played baseball and Vandy and then in the pros for a while. He’s helped me more than I can express. He’s an amazing guy and role model. He’s helped me over this past year grow spiritually. I’m really thankful for him and coach introducing me to him.

Q3: What are your overall thoughts on your career and time at Lipscomb?
- It’s a crazy feeling that my college career is over. It feels like yesterday I stepped on campus. I’m so thankful for these past four years I’ve been with these guys. They’ve become my best friends and are like family to me. I’ll always keep in touch with them. It’s sad but I’m happy that Lipscomb has brought me to these guys, coaches and community. I’ve been so blessed to be able to play in front of my family as well. It’s something every kid dreams of.